Oravska Lesna


48 km

Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

Take a ride on train to the saddleback of Beskydy

Wooden wagons with big Windows pulled by a historic locomotive will get you up on one of the most beautiful hills around, where you will be surprised by clean paradise nature, blossom meadows and hills.

Exceptional ride up the hill and romantical views

The railway waves through magical Orava environment, that is why wagons are adapted so you will have a great view on nature. A great experience is a ride in a wagon without the roof.

If you want to stronger your experience from Orava, take a walk from Oravska Lesna station along the forest road. Right at the station, you will see depo for locomotives, wagons and you can also buy souvenirs.

The ride to the final station lasts 15-20 minutes and alternately it will drive you through forest or meadows. Beautiful views of the forested valleys will take place during the ride upwards. Kids will be for sure attracted by fairytale figures and animals, that are hidden in the forest along the railroad.

At the top will train make a break, during which you can visit a museum with goralian Woodhouse, or climb up the view tower and enjoy romantic views.


So what is unique about the railway?

Forest railways are railways with lower track width, that can make it through difficult terrain.

Unique is, that railway was built during first world war and war prisoners worked on it. Today rides along with it a train pulled by steam locomotive Gontkulak to the saddleback of Beskydy, where is also reversal point. It allows overcoming superelevation with a change of the pull direction (pull forward, reverse) thanks to reversal trackage. Mainly this smart reversal system is what makes this technical monument so valuable.