Oravsky Podzamok


10 km

Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

Castle with historical atmosphere, that should be visited by everyone

The uniqueness of Orava castle lies in details – his rooms are arranged so precisely, that they can carry you back into old times. Ladies will feel like princesses after entering the chamber, gentlemen will find their way in guns exposition and everyone will sweat cold during the visit of a torture chamber. Castle offers a variety of exposition, culture events, accompanying events for children and adults.

Are you interested in how people lived in the past, do you want to know what is „krpka“ or „čutora“? Will an ethnographical exposition please you? Are you not interested in an expert commentary? Do you want to relax more? You will appreciate musical and theater performance, that a part of the visit. Are you on a trip with a girlfriend or boyfriend and you want to surprise her/him? A sightseeing trip on a historical cab can not tune you in differently than romantically.

Orava castle is full of life and every tourist should once get into fit into the swirlof colorful events at Orava Castle and should not only pass by.

Stairway to heaven? It is worth coming up

Orava castle is a monumental building, palaces and courtyards are separated by more and more stairs. How many of them will you climb up, depends on the type of visit you choose. The longest visit lasts 2 hours, but you will not be bored at all – diversity of the cultural program, interesting commentary from guides and most of all diversity of expositions will get your attention. The guide makes his commentary special by telling legends, he will not bore you with dates and castle owners. The visit will be enriched with scenes of historical life on the castle, that are played by actors in historical costumes, in some rooms you will see a musical performance, on courtyard you will see a demonstration of fights and many more. Besides the longest visit, you can choose the middle one or a small one, which will be appreciated by the smallest visitors to the castle.

We recommend not to skip higher passages of the castle because the castle is situated in the wild oravian nature scenery. This nature with its wilderness has inspired many Slovakian writers, from them the most famous is Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav. From higher courtyards and towers you can fully enjoy this wild nature panorama.



Feel yourself like in a fairytale

The beauty of Orava castle and its environment could not be ignored by Slovakian and foreign filmers, that chose this historical monument as a setting for their films. On the castle were filmed foreign films like Dragons heart and Vampire Nosferatu, but also many Slovakian tales, for example, King Blackbird chin or Hawker Thomas. Exposition Mediateka will show you all appearances of the castle in films, which were filmed here. However, it will tell you many more.


All day trip for kids and adults – for the whole family

Thanks to many events you can return to the castle repeatedly and your experience will be every time a bit different. Most recently will on the castle take place Thurzos jubilee, which every year opens the summer season. They take place on 28.-29. April. During some events, you can visit also forbidden places – kazematy in the basement, from where soldiers protect the caste and filagory – castle summer house.

Kids will appreciate actors in historical costumes or raft cruise on the river Orava. Commentary is short enough and prepared in the way to impress also small visitors. During events show their art also hawkers, swordsmen and actors, that will enrich your visit with fairytale performance. About closest program, you will be informed on time at Orava castle FB page, where you can also ask anything you want. Although is on the castle so many stairs, kids over 5 years should make it easy – sometimes they can catch the breath quicker than parents.

Adults will appreciate Pub Zamocka 4, that is situated right under the castle and where you can taste local craft beer Thurzo. This beer, after winning the Slovakian competition, was honored as the best Slovakian craft beer for the year 2013. Due to this beer is Pub Zamocka 4 visited by many beer tourists, as this beer cannot be bought anywhere else.