6 km

Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

The most preserved reservation of folk architecture in Slovakia. Simply wood village is written in the world heritage of UNESCO is a part of the city Ruzomberok and from the hotel is approx. 5 km away.

Aboriginal inhabitants of Vlkolinec were farmers and shepherds. They grew cattle and bees. Work with wood was a typical work of men, that built their houses themselves. Nowadays has the village Vlkolinec 19 stable inhabitants, that live in 6 houses from the whole number of 55 houses. Other houses from Vlkolinec are used by people from the whole Slovakia as cottages for recreation. For the visitors of Vlkolinec is available a gallery, info center, and a photo gallery, in the upper part of the village is a shop with accommodation and buffet.

To Vlkolinec you can get in more ways, The most comfortable is by a car, but for the ones, that want to combine nice and useful we recommend a walk from the city through Malino Brdo or a Gejdaks farm. You can as well combine your trip with the use of a chairlift from Hrabovo, that can take you to Malino Brdo, from where it is to Vlkolinec approx. 30 minutes walk.