Kubinska hola


8 km

Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

In winter it serves as a popular ski resort, but in the summer is also not ashamed

For active tourists leads to the top of Kubinska hola more hiking routes. The starting point is mainly city Dolny Kubin, but you have a possibility to get here also from Oravsky Podzamok.

The summer season in the ski resort offers chair lifts, which can lift you to the top of Kubinska hola.

If you want adrenalin, we recommend a visit to Bike park, which is considered to be one of the most difficult in Slovakia because of its tracks. For bike fans that like more smooth tracks without adrenalin is here a possibility of bike tourism on newly built bike routes that connect Dolny Kubin with bike routes of Higher Orava, village Rabcice and village Lipnica Wielka in Poland.

If you can imagine views from the top of Kubinska, what about views from the air? Meadows and great space create perfect conditions for paragliding.

To the hights, you can get also in the rope park, which will test your physical condition and surely leaves in you an unforgettable experience.

For common family fun, you can rent scooters or three-wheelers and experience an unforgettable downhill. This proven kind of fun is appropriate for every age and it is only up to you if you enjoy fast adrenalin ride or easy slow ride full of great views of nature.